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What is Market Cipher?

Market Cipher A

Market Cipher A

is an EMA ribbon comprised of 8 EMAs that are blue/white during a bull market and gray during a bear market. The intersections of these lines can be very strong lagging indications, so we have programmed Cipher A to project symbols which correspond to various indications so you don’t have to manually interpret each bullish or bearish cross. It also gives a great visual of the trend, supplying you with strong mathematical support or resistance. Market Cipher A was made to easily analyze, isolate, and anticipate macro trends.

Market Cipher B

Market Cipher B

is an all-in-one oscillator allowing for more quality indications than ever before. It combines five algorithms (some well-known, some custom) that have all been fine-tuned and smoothed for optimal analysis and trading results. When all of the algorithms converge, Market Cipher B will project a “Green Dot” which will aid you in longing the dips in bull markets as well as temporarily exiting shorts in bear markets. The Green Dot is often accompanied by extreme sellers’ momentum and will warn you of potential market bottoms, giving you strong hands even when the night is at its darkest. Market Cipher B certainly excels on the small timeframes, but is a particularly deadly tool for isolating large swings in the market.

Market Cipher SR

Market Cipher SR

is a day trading strategy built for the hourly timeframe and below which heavily incorporates horizontal supports and resistances as well as Volume Weighted Average Price, otherwise known as VWAP. VWAP is a reliable day trader’s indicator that will help you to know your environment (whether it is a long day or a short day) and provide you regular opportunities to enter the market in either direction. This is due to the daily reset mechanic which not only accounts for intraday volatility but also gives the other side a chance to “take the reins” so to speak.

Market Cipher DBSI

Market Cipher DBSI

(Dual Band Strength Index) is an all-encompassing momentum indicator which uses a -5 to 34 score system to interpret the signals of 36 separate momentum indicators on a candle-by-candle basis. Bullish green momentum is displayed below the candlestick. Bearish red momentum is displayed above the candlestick. The current candle will be displayed in yellow for visual clarity. When the momentum scores switch from negative to positive in either direction, that is an important junction in the market where you may consider taking profits. If the momentum scores continue to increase in positivity in either direction, you may consider entering a trade in the direction of that impulse wave.

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